We Believe In Simple Church

We believe church should just be church.  No crazy programs, no smoke or fancy lights.  No elaborate entertainment. Just church.

At Bible Baptist you'll find this and little more:


Simple Bible Preaching

Every Sunday we just preach what the Bible says.  We almost always preach expositional messages through books of the Bible.  We don't ride hobby horses.  We don't nit pick and rail.  We just preach and teach God's word - one passage at a time.


Simple Hymns & Worship

We emphasize congregational worship over performance.  We sing old and new hymns that teach us doctrine and worship Christ.  



Simple Fellowship

Our church is like a giant family.  We support each other and love each other.  We spend time with each other every month both inside and outside church activities.  You'll see our members sharing fellowship with each other at local restuarants, sporting events and camp grounds.

But our church is also very open and welcoming.  We'll love you too.

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Sunday Evenings at 6:00pm


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