Our History


Bible Baptist Church was founded by Dr. Rodell Bledsoe in southwest Mattoon in 1962. After meeting in houses and storefronts, they settled into their current location at 3401 Marion Ave. Pastor Bledsoe was succeeded by several men who stayed only a short while when Tom Pullen because the pastor in 1968.

Pastor Pullen faithfully served as pastor here for over 40 years. Under his leadership the church grew in number and added several other buildings to their property. Brother Pullen started the Bethel Christian Academy which ran until 2000. He founded a camp meeting for preachers and was heard across the country via a radio ministry.

Due to failing health, Pastor Pullen stepped down in 2010 and the church called Brother Rocky Holcomb who served for slightly less than a year. In 2011 the church called Ryan Hayden to be their pastor and he has served as pastor ever since.

Our church has a rich history of faithful service to the Lord, we want to honor that history, and continue to make history as we see souls saved and people raising their families in the church.